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Portable Massage Chair

Portable Massage Chair 

I still remember the first time I used a Portable Massage Chair. At the time I had owned tables and used both at school and in my own work, but the first time seeing a chair in person, beforehand, was at a friends house.  She had it in her living room next to her couch. It actually fit in quite nicely with the decor.

It faced the t.v. and was quite comfortable just to sit in while socializing and hanging out. But the best part of it was how natural it was for people to walk by and give you a back massage while you sat there. Most people would be reluctant to lay down on my massage table and even fewer people would start giving someone a massage while they did so out of the blue. But when someone is sitting in a portable massage chair, it almost becomes natural to do so.  


It got me thinking that not only would owning one expand my business into the corporate level, where big, bulky massage tables are not as welcome, especially since undressing and lotions are involved, but a massage chair is portable, easy to setup and move from office to office, and you can give employees a back, shoulder and neck massage with them fully clothed.  Every masseuse and massage therapist should own a portable massage chair as part of their practice. I enjoy having mine at home, facing my tv, and getting spontaneous back rubs from family and friends.  

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