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Best Massage Table

Best Massage Table


Looking for the BEST MASSAGE TABLE - You have found the right website to compare and read reviews of all of the different, various massage tables on the market.  It's hard to say what the one Best Massage Table is, as it depends on your needs.  But you can be happy to hear that we have exactly what you need and are looking for.


When I started shopping it was hard to figure out what product would be the best.  There are tons of different options from stationary, lift, electric, portable and not to mention within each category there are tons of different brands.  Some people perfect Custom Craftworks, others Master Massage, and of course there is the well know Earthlite tables.  


Most people start with a budget portable table as it fits their needs for price and flexibility. They can use it at home, in their office, or take it with them to corporate offices and to client’s homes.  What I really like about entry level portable tables is that even when you get to a point in your practice and your business that you start to outgrow it, you can always find a use for it still.  Some people have their first massage table in the trunk of their car as a go to or as a backup so they don’t have to bring it up and down stairs to their home or office.  Others end up using their first table in one of the rooms of their spa, while having an electric lift table in the main room.  


Either way, to find the best massage table you will have to first ask yourself, what is my budget and what will I primarily be using it for.  It is never a good idea to buy a cheap knock off or no name brand as generally the quality is not as good.  You want each table you invest in to last a lifetime as they are designed to.  

For me, I started with an Earthlite Harmony massage table only because that is what we used in my massage school and I trusted the brand.  They were built strong, study and with years of abuse from students, they still looked brand new.  At the time I would say it was the best massage table for me to purchase, even though I ended upgrading to an EarthLite Spirit soon after for the extra cushion.  



 It's up to you at the end of the day which table you think would suit you.  But rest assured that all the tables at Buy Massage Tables are of good quality brands that are designed to last a lifetime.