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Electric Massage Tables

Electric Massage Tables

The best place to buy Electric Massage Tables


If you work at a Spa you want the best quality Electric Massage Tables for ease of use, quick adjustments and as a great way to offer value to your customers.  A quality Electric Massage Table shows that your spa is serious about the happiness of your customers and clients.  



When I first started working at a new spa just down the road from my house, I immediately felt like I had stepped into a high end spa resort and my clients felt the same.  Outside was just an ordinary strip mall and the store wasn’t any larger, but for whatever reason it felt bigger, more posh and definitely more luxurious.  It took me a while to figure out what it was.  It could have been anything, the decor, the ambiance, the mood music or maybe it was even the incense.  


But when I started working, I realized it was the stationary electric lift massage tables  that made all of the difference.  Firstly it was a better fit for the shop.  It made it look more professional and less like a fly by night type of store.  The tables were also meant to last a lifetime and were much more study and strong for sports massage and a lot of pressure heavy moves.  


I also started adjusting the table not just between clients and co-workers but also during the massage itself for different techniques and body parts.  Having an electric massage table makes it so easy to adjust within seconds.  I can not imagine using anything else now.  Even though it technically only takes a few minutes to adjust the four knobs, lowering or rasing the table on a standard portable, having a foot pedal makes it a thousand times easier.  


If you are thinking about upgrading, I highly recommend investing in stationary lift electric massage tables today.


There are different versions of electric massage tables out there, but let us help you choose the best one to suit your needs.



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