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Massage Tables - Where to buy Massage Tables

Massage Tables

Where to buy Massage Tables


There are so many stores online that sell various brands of massage tables, sometimes it's hard to figure it out.  But at Buy Massage Tables we offer only the best value and best brands of massage tables anywhere.  



I remember the first day of class at my massage school.  My professor Chuck had us pair up, I went with my girlfriend at the time so she was naturally she was my partner.  The first day of class we were introduced to the equipment and learned how to adjust the massage tables.  Ours at the time was an Earthlite Harmony and it was well built and a great table to practice on.  Everyone had the same model and color, which was burgundy.  The adjustment knobs were easy to use and we learned how to set the height based on our torsos and waist level.  


The first day we spent a lot of time getting to know our equipment as well as how to start off a session.  I specifically remember the rule, relax and breathe with the client before you start, place your hands on them and let them feel your touch and warmth.  We were to keep our hands on them until they relaxed and started to breathe with us.  Once we started the massage we were not to leave our hands even for one second as it startles the client.  All in all the first day was a great introduction but more importantly it laid a solid foundation of what was important. 


When it was time to buy massage tables for myself and the other classmates, it was natural to use the same brands we already had experience with.  We overpaid a bit buying from a retail store, but online retail stores such as this one didn't exist back then, or at least I didn't find any.  Now it is extremely easy to know where to buy massage tables as you can just do a quick search or shop here knowing that we offer a six month low price guarantee   

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