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Portable Massage Chairs

Portable Massage Chairs


Corporate chair massage has quickly become a not niche in the massage therapy sector.  Companies such as Google HQ has always hired and employed full time massage therapists even when they were still just a start up.  In the book, “Giigle: How I got Lucky Massaging Google,” the author explains her role in the company.  One of the reasons why the startup got so much done is because they took great care of their employees.  Having the programmers take a 1 hour break in the middle of the workday to get a back massage helped them refocus and clear their brains.  This allowed the workers to want to stay later for the free dinner and not just go home at five sharp.  



Having visited the campus I ate at some of the best cafeterias with fresh, delicious organic food, prepared by tops chefs and people that actually cared about your happiness.  I didn’t get the chance to get a massage while I was there but I did get to check out their gym and personal trainers.  Even if your company isn’t a fortune 500 yet, the value in having a bodyworker come in once a week or even twice a month is amazing.  Instead of offering free massages, have a discounted co-pay.  Work out a deal where the employee pays $20 for a 30 minute chair massage instead of the normal $40 or $60 rate it would be.  Having a half an hour break doesn’t take away from productivity, in fact it boosts it.  Most employees will come in early or stay thirty minutes later anyways because they will feel bad taking the long break anyways.  


Having a therapist come in with their portable massage chairs is a great way to boost your employees happiness, productivity and longevity in your company.


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