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Portable Massage Table

Finding the best Portable Massage Table

There are tons of options out there but just like buying a car, there are a few go to manufactuers that you trust and recomend.  


Whenever I go out to purchase a new automobile I have a select few brands that I have experience with, have driven, owned or at least have friends who have owned them.  I’m always open to new brands and giving other companies a shot, but there are some that just are not even going to be a consideration.  If a no name car company in China started advertising for one tenth of the cost of a trustworthy brand such as Toyota, Lexus or BMW, I would rather pay a bit more money and go with a brand that I trusted versus saving a few dollars on the Chinese brand.  Not that everything made in China is bad, but brands that haven’t been around and don't’ have a reputation of quality in my opinion are not worth investing in.


Fifteen years ago Korean car companies such as Hyundai and KIA were not known, and even though now they are great brands with good quality cars, I wouldn’t have wanted to buy anything from them in the past 15 years while they were still figuring it out and could have disappeared any minute.  To me, shopping for cars is the same thing as shopping for Portable Massage Tables.  I want to make sure that whatever I buy is an investment that will hold up for years to come.  Just like I wouldn’t buy a no name discount brand of car, I wouldn’t buy a shop for portable massage tables that haven’t been used and tested for years.  


This is why only carries a select range of quality brands that we have personally used, trust with our business and trust that you will love as well.   


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