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Portable Massage Tables

Portable Massage Tables


When I was going through my swedish massage training course as a student, I had dreamed about building my own massage company. I went through nation wide massage and used ads on craigslist to get my first clients, and I volunteered at my university during finals week, giving free massages.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do professionally, but I knew I was naturally good at body work and luckily I had a fantastic teacher.




Chuck taught us not just the physical mechanics of how to do good work but the importance of everything else that went along with it.  I tried to get in touch with him recently to thank him, but unfortunately he changed his email address and I couldn't’ find any other way to get in touch.  I do remember specifically how many portable massage tables he had in his studio.  He would use them for video introduction courses on how to give family massages, as well as use them for his big group classes.


They were all the same color, burgundy, which made it look professional and uniform.   It was because of him and his initial color choice that has always made me prefer burgundy red portable massage tables as well.  My first was an Earthlite Spirit in that same color, I had thought about getting a Harmony but I wanted to spend the extra money on something that would become a long term investment.  Overall I was extremely happy with my choice.  


Which ever you chose, we sincerly hope you enjoy it and that it lasts a lifetime!


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