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Ergomaker Electric Sit-Stand Desk

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Heavy Freight: The price includes curbside delivery to most locations within the 48 contiguous states. UNIQUE LOCATIONS/COAST TO COAST deliveries may not qualify for free shipping! Please read our Shipping & Returns Policy for full details.

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The Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk is a kind of electric height adjustable desk that enables any user of a workstation to easily alternate between sitting and standing postures while working throughout the day by simple push of a button. It helps them to enhances productivity, burn up calories, improves health, comfort and safety in the workplace.


  • Height Range Without Desktop: 63-129 cm(24.8”-50.8”)
  • Desktop Size : 120×60cm (48”×24”)/150×75cm (60”×30”)
  • Thickness: 2.5cm (1”)
  • Desktop Color: Black, White, Cherry/With two chrome cable covers/
  • Handset: With digital readout and 4 preset positions
  • Base Color: Black (RAL 9005), White (RAL 9016), Silver (RAL 7045)
  • Base Width: 100-170 cm (39.4”-67”)/Compatible with desktop sizes from 110x60cm
  • (43”x24”) to 240x120cm (94”x47”)
  • Load Capacity: 120kg(264lbs)
  • Travel Speed: 38mm/s (1.5”/s)
  • Noise dB(A)<50dB
  • Foot Leveling Stud: 1cm (0.4”) adjustment for uneven floor
  • Running Power: 200W
  • Standby Power: 0.1W
  • Duty Cycle: 2 minutes on, 18 minutes off
  • Warranty: 10 year

Internal Functions:

  • Overload protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Soft start/stop
  • Anti-collision system

Electrical Requirements:

  • Input Voltage 100-240V AC
  • Output Voltage 32V DC
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 5℃ – 40℃

Available accessories:

  • Monitor Arm
  • Keyboard Tray
  • CPU Holder
  • Laptop Stand

Shipping & Return Policy:

  • We ship to US 48 States right now.
  • About 1-3 days for order processing. The shipping time is normally 3–5 days. For mass production orders, the lead time varies from 7–30 days.


  • Our products come with a 10-year warranty and friendly customer service to help with any concerns.

Take a stand. Make a move.

Change positions quickly and achieve new heights.

The Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk gracefully moves from the sit to stand position with the touch of a button. So that when you’ve been sitting for too long and the level of comfort or wellbeing you feel is on the low, you can effortlessly switch to the elevated standing position and ultimately bring about new heights of productivity.


The biggest revolution yet in office culture.

A truly ergonomic setup leaves room for free movement of the legs. This meant that Ergomaker’s designers had to neatly incorporate all the motors and mechanical components into each column of electric height adjustable desk. There could be no crossbar, visible gears, or wires hanging around whatsoever. The chrome cable covers adds beauty and the round corners will not hurt anyone if mistakenly they bump into it.

Powerful yet quieter and sleek to operate.

With two synchronized motors, one motor in each leg, the electric adjustable height desk is quieter, stronger and more reliable. It also features unique Hall feedback sensors to control the aligned movement of the two legs. Its control handset features an awesome digital readout for precision adjustments, with four preset positions available. Just the push of a button and you’re on to your preset height, free of your hands.

A genuinely sustainable desk.
Made with the environment in mind from start to finish.

Manufactured with only the finest environment-friendly materials from initial concept through final production, the height adjustable desk looks beautiful and works perfectly with its energy efficient consumption of 0.1W in standby power.

A Groundbreaking Ergonomic Innovation.

Sitting too much every day has been associated with so many health risks that could be avoided by simply standing when sitting becomes the slightest bit uncomfortable. The Ergomaker electric height adjustable desk the innovation that has come to allow smooth and easy adjustment from sitting to standing in just a few seconds, letting you change positions with ease while ultimately helping to achieve unbelievable heights of productivity in the workplace.

It comes with three-stage legs that have an incredible height range of 63-129 cm (24.8”-50.8”). So whether tall or short, it’s suitable for most adults, and any user can simply adjust the desk to a comfortable height anytime.

Deluxe handset with multi-functions.

With the digital readout for precision adjustments on the control handset of the electric height adjustable desk, it’s like driving an automatic geared vehicle instead of a manual geared vehicle when you compare it to hank crank desks. There are four preset positions available, so you can just push the button to get to your preset height, and smoothly transit from sitting to standing in seconds, free of your hands.

Not just exceptional height adjustability, there’s width adjustability too !

Every single Ergomaker adjustable height desk comes with a base width that is adjustable from 100-170cm (39.4”-67”), making the desk compatible with a wide range of desktop sizes between 110x60cm (43”x24”) and 240x120cm (94”x47”). This means that you only need the desk’s single base to perfectly fit nearly all size of desktops. So even if you want to change tabletops in the future, you can keep the base for use and save cost. Besides, there won’t be a need to produce different bases for the different tabletop size. This way the Ergomaker height adjustable desk helps to reduce the use of raw materials, save energy, and is therefore ”environmental friendly”.

Incredibly elegant tabletop design.

The default desktop of the Ergomaker standing desk comes in three colored finishes of white, black, or cherry and features round corners so that it will not hurt the people when knocked down. The size of this default desktop is the same as most popular office desk sizes at 120x60cm (48”x24”), 150x75cm (60”x30”) and 25mm (1”) thickness. This size is large enough to hold and accommodate ordinary household scenes while the thickness is strong enough to load monitors and other accessories for office use.

An advanced Anti-Collision System.

With the anti-collision system which basically is a network of integrated sensors that are on the lookout, the Ergomaker sit stand desk will retract and stop when it collides with objects during an up or down movement, thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the desk and improving the safety of the workstation.

A really thoughtful design.

The minimum height of the Ergomaker Sit Stand desk is 63cm (24.8”), therefore you can put objects or pedestals of up to 50cm (20”) in height under the desk. The maximum height of the Ergomaker standing desk is 129cm (50.8”), this range of adjustability accommodates the 5th to 95th percentile of the workforce . Thus this Ergomaker height adjustable desk ensures your maximum comfort and safety, no matter your height or optimal work posture. Moreover, it is available to be used as treadmill desk, and users can combine or remove the treadmill easily and effortlessly at any time.

100% precise ergonomic design.

To make a desk that would be compatible with accessories such as the monitor arm, the keyboard tray, the CPU holder, and laptop holders, all of which are necessary for maintaining ergonomic postures in the workplace, there could be no crossbar, visible gears, or wires hanging around whatsoever. The Ergomaker adjustable height desk features an exceptional design with no cross bar, no middle column pedestal, or annoying things hanging, thereby leaving more room for free movement of the legs and providing room to setup a precisely ergonomic workstation.

Gracefully neat assembly.

From the foot leveling stud that’s adjustable up to 1cm (0.4”) for uneven flooring, to the control box and all cables that have been neatly incorporated inside the beams, every assembly detail of this simply amazing electric height adjustable desk has been thoroughly considered. The legs are assembled on the middle of the feet and arms, and the symmetry design makes its installation easy. You don’t need to go through the hassle of considering how to position them correctly.

Massive power, Mind-blowing technology. Built into a desk.

The Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk packs enormous power and functionality into its frame. Each and every desk comes with two synchronized motors, one motor in each leg, therefore making it stronger and more reliable than single motor desks. So rest assured that even when you have extra monitors and weight added to the table, it would still glide with ease during height adjustment. Also present within the desk’s neat framework are hall feedbacks/sensors that control the aligned movement of the two legs.

Overload & Overheat Protective Systems.

Remain confident in your desk’s protection with the overload and
overheat protective systems that come with every electric height
adjustable desk. Overload protection will stop the desk from working
the up or down movement if the load more than capacity. The overheat
protection on the other hand, also stops the desk from working when
it is used more than its duty cycle, because the desk’s motor will
become overheated. These two features protect the desk from undue
overuse and therefore extends its lifetime.

Low Noise. High Stability. High Efficiency.

The stability that the Ergomaker standing desk brings to the table during height adjustments is truly incredible. Its two synchronized motors, coupled with the soft start/stop functions, automatically leaves guarantee that every movement will always be smooth, and never cause any form of crooked vibrations that may spill your coffee or cause damage. The desk features truly top-notch performance with a speed of 38mm/s (1.5”/s) during height adjustments, the noise always stays less than 50db, ensuring that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to, without interfering with other people.

Designed to last a lifetime.

The Ergomaker sit stand desk-dual motor load capacity is 120kgs (264lbs). So rest assured that even when you have extra monitors and weight added to the table, it would still glide with ease during height adjustment. Each Ergomaker adjustable height desk has been tested for 20,000 cycles up & down, which translates to many years of reliable use. This is definitely not the type of desk that would disappoint in the day of need.

Made with the Environment in mind from start to finish.

All through from initial concept to final production of the Ergomaker Sit Stand Desk, the environment was given thorough consideration, and absolutely no toxic substance was used. The frame is made of recyclable steel with powder coating surface treatment, while the desktop is P2 grade MFC (melamine faced chipboard) which is also environmental friendly. And to cap it all nicely, the desk is shipped in a recyclable package.

Take responsibility for the future.

In order to be able to move immediately at the push of a button a height adjustable desk or workstation needs to be in the standby mode at all times. The Ergomaker electric adjustable height desk breaks ergonomic boundaries yet again with its reduced the standby power consumption from the typical 1-2W to an industry leading maximum of 0.1 W, in order to save energy and reduce the carbon emission.

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Order confirmation

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  • When purchasing online, you are purchasing "sight unseen" and agree to small differences in cosmetics, which may improve on the unit's overall functionality, but whose aesthetics may vary slightly from those in photos. These changes generally improve on the unit's performance. If uncertain about small visual/aesthetic changes, we recommend you visit a local store and purchase after physically seeing a unit as some units we carry are final sale (manufacturer policy). That said, we always attempt to represent units as accurately as possible and any small visual changes are generally for safety and/or stability of use.

You will also receive a tracking number when your order ships. In the event an item is out of stock, we will promptly reach out to you and inform you of possible replacement colors or items.

What if I change my mind once the order is already in transit to me?

You are free to cancel non-custom made items at any point prior to shipping, however once any order ships, we have paid shipping costs to get the item to you. Substantial effort and funds have been spent to prepare and ship your order. Depending on your location and the weight of the item, this expense can be quite substantial.


In order to save you money, please be sure you are ready to purchase your item(s) so as not to be assessed shipping/restocking costs should you choose to cancel an order while in transit to you.


Alaska, Hawaii, Coast to Coast & Unique or Remote Location Shipping 

Alaska and Hawaii require air shipping for portable items, and sea/freight combo shipments for larger items. Due to the much higher cost of transit, free shipping promotions do not apply to Alaska & Hawaii. 

There are instances where some locations also have unusually high freight rates, sometimes even more than Alaska shipping. These tend to be residential deliveries in heavily congested metros or hotels and coast to coast deliveries, but not limited to these. Please inquire for a quote first as free shipping will not apply to unique locations.

Is my table ADA compliant?

If your table is ADA compliant, the listing will state so, and in this case it will only be ADA compliant for the base model without extra padding or additional options. If you choose any type of add-on options, the table will cease to be ADA compliant.

Where do our tables and chairs ship from?

Our inventory ships directly from our manufacturers' warehouses. This saves you both time and money, and it is how we are able to offer you the very best prices online! All EarthLite, Inner Strength, Stronglite, Master Massage, Mt Massage, Pisces Production items are shipped from California. All Custom Craftworks tables are shipped from from Oregon and Oakworks from Pennsylvania.

Need your massage equipment sooner?

The shipping cost for 2nd Day Air is $135 extra for all portable massage tables and chairs and $185 for Overnight Delivery*. You can choose either of these Express Shipping options during your checkout. The best way to get your table quickly is to order online today. We rush all online orders standard at no extra charge. Heavy items, such as electric lift tables, can only be shipped truckline/freight and cannot be rushed overnight or 2nd day.

*2nd Day or Overnight quotes may change based on certain manufacturers or multiple item orders. For exact quotes, please contact us.

Order today and get your massage table or chair in a few days!

Stationary, Electric Lift & Custom-made Items

All stationary and electric lift tables are custom-made usually take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to build, based on the specific manufacturer. Payment is always made upfront. Once production begins, the order is non-cancelable/non-refundable as resources have been allocated to build your tableCustom colors and options for portable tables are also custom-made to order. These include all tables by Oakworks or Earthlite, but not only limited to these brands. Any item which allows customizations of any kind is considered custom-made.

All stationary and electric lift tables ship via freight. Standard delivery is curbside with a free liftgate. If you require inside delivery, please let us know in the notes section when ordering or email us afterwards for an White Glove delivery quote.  

Delivery method--VERY IMPORTANT

All heavy freight (electric lift tables, etc.) orders are delivered curbside, with a complimentary liftgate service to safely lower the item to the ground. 

Most of our products only require minimal assembly. However, if you would like in-home/office delivery or installation of your electric spa or massage table, we can gladly arrange this.  This service is called "White Glove Delivery", whereupon our delivery team will bring the item into your home or business, unpack, setup, and clean up before they leave. This is an additional cost which usually ranges from $300-$600. Email us after your purchase for this upgrade and we will get you a quote. 

If you choose another type of delivery (such as White Glove Delivery) for heavy freight, please retain the email confirming any alternate delivery method for your records. For your protection and peace of mind, any guarantee is only provided in writing and never verbally.


Absolute Satisfaction Return Policy

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your non-custom made portable table, chair, or accessory, you may return most* within thirty (30) days of placing your order for a full refund, excluding shipping charges.

Note that for both portable and electric lift tables, manufacturer advertised weight/dimensions is for table only ie. without a headrest or other accessories.


  • Custom-made items such as electric lift tables or custom-made portable tables & chairs, and accessories are non-refundable as they are expressly built for you. No exceptions. 
  • Used linens, sheets, table warmers, pillows, and table fleece are non-returnable due to hygiene concerns. If the packaging has never been opened, please let us know and the manufacturer may make an exception. Once opened, it is considered used.
  • Oakworks portable tables, chairs, and accessories have a fourteen (14) day return policy, starting from the shipping date date, plus a 20% restocking fee (per the manufacturer). Note that most Oakworks items are custom-built and non-refundable, per our custom-made policy (see next section).
  • All Pisces Pro chairs and tables are custom made and final sale, non-returnable.
  • Master Massage & MT Massage have a 20% restocking fee for all returns.
  • SilverFox America, Sierra Comfort and Nirvana do not accept any returns. All sales for SilverFox/Sierra Comfort/ Nirvana products are final. No exceptions.

All returns must provide proof of purchase to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA). We do not accept returns on any type of custom-made orders. The product must be returned in new condition and in the original packaging. Shipping charges are non-refundable. If you received a free shipping promotion when ordering, the full shipping amount will be deducted when getting a refund or exchange. Please contact us for clarification if you have any questions. 

Please see below for TimePayment finance and returns.

Are Credit Card or ShopPay Installment Fees Refundable?

No, they are not. If you cancel an order that we have processed and / or shipped, credit card or Shopify Installment processing fees will be deducted from your refund.

  • 2.9% for credit or debit cards
  • 5.9% for Shopify Installment plans

Your card or Shopify Installment charge us these non-refundable fees, which we simply pass onto you should you decide to cancel an order. 

Are custom-made items refundable?

Any product that is custom-made, which includes all electric lift tables, chiropractic benches/tables, stationary massage tables, or items with custom wood finishes, custom widths/heights and options, premium colors, and leather upholstery, but not limited to these, are non-cancellable and non-returnable as they are made to order for you. Once the manufacturer begins building your product, they have invested in the resources required to build it and cannot cancel the order, nor provide a refund if you choose to cancel, regardless of any production delays.

If I choose to finance or lease, can I return or exchange the product?

All financed sales are final. As with all leases and loans, any financed items are non-returnable as you are entering into an agreement with the finance company whereas they buy the product on your behalf, and you pay them as mutually agreed, regardless of whether the item is custom made or not.

What if my delivery contains damaged goods or parts?

If your order/box appears to have gotten damaged during shipping or you see it has a manufacturer's defect, please contact us immediately.

  • Make a note of the damage when you sign for the package.
  • Take photos of the damaged item and email us at
  • Failure to notify us of any damage within 5 days of receipt of the merchandise nullifies our ability to file insurance claims and be able to refund/replace your product.
  • You must keep all the original packaging for any items that might need to be returned. 
  • It is very important that any damage or shortages are reported within five calendar days of receipt of the merchandise, due to carrier insurance regulations and rules. 
  • All returns need to be issued an RMA number (return authorization number) before being shipped back. 

Examples of damage to a box are: rips, holes, crush, dings, etc.

All items are sold under full warranty. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for a manufacturer's technician to resolve any issues. It is also a customer's responsibility to allow a technician timely access to the product, and/or provide photos or videos of the defect for troubleshooting.

How do I cancel my order?

The fastest and easiest way to cancel an order is to reply to the instant order confirmation you received when you place your order online. Just tell us why you need to cancel and we will put it through the system as soon as possible.

  • You will receive a a full refund, minus credit card processing fees, for most orders if we are able to cancel them before they ship.
  • Once an order has shipped, customers are responsible for paying all shipping and handling costs both ways.
  • Before ordering any heavy items, such as electric massage chairs or electric lift tables, please be sure you are aware of the expensive freight costs should you decide to initiate a return.
  • Cancellations must be submitted prior to the item shipping, otherwise you will be responsible for all shipping charges.

Please also review exclusions for custom-made/stationary/electric lift tables under "Are custom-made items refundable?" 

For more information, please read "How do I return a product?" below.

How can I exchange a product?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, our customer service department can arrange a return authorization within 15 days of the receipt of your product. The product must be returned in new condition in the original boxes with all the paperwork for refunds, credit, or exchange. Shipping or credit card processing charges are not refundable. If you received a free shipping promotion when ordering, the full shipping amount will be deducted when getting a refund or exchange. Please email us for more information.

How do I return a product?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, our customer service department can arrange a return authorization within 14-30 days, depending on the manufacturer (please see "Absolute Satisfaction Return Policy" above for manufacturer return deadlines). The product must be returned in new, resale-able condition in the original boxes with all the paperwork for a refund, credit, or exchange. Once a product ships out to you, shipping charges are not refundable and customers are responsible for paying all actual shipping and handling costs both ways. The actual cost of shipping may differ from quoted promotional pricing. If you were awarded a free shipping promotion, the full shipping amount will be deducted when getting a refund or exchange. Please email us for more information.   

Product Safety & Use

All products should only be used as recommended in the product manual and in no other way. Any alterations, change, or attempt to personally repair a product will automatically void the warranty. If the product purchased does not meet the parameters listed on our product page, please do not use the item and seek troubleshooting guidance. We will connect you with the troubleshooting team of the manufacturer. Do not use an item which seems damaged, or which fails to operate as intended (height range, width, lift power, etc). Safety is always a top priority and we want to ensure that you have a trouble-free experience with your purchase.


Color & Aesthetics Disclaimer

All items purchased are represented on our site in as best a color scheme/description as possible, based on information relayed to us by the manufacturer. We go further by often adding photos of the items in real life settings. Colors, however, may vary slightly from what is shown based on the type and age of monitor the items are viewed on, as well as lighting angle. 

The item name and color is no different on our site than on any other site, and you agree to purchase the item based on appearance as shown and described. 

When purchasing online, you are purchasing "sight unseen" and agree to small differences in cosmetics, which may improve on the unit's overall functionality, but whose aesthetics may vary slightly from those in photos. These changes generally improve on the unit's performance. If uncertain about small visual/aesthetic changes, we recommend you visit a local store and purchase after physically seeing a unit as some units we carry are a final sale (manufacturer policy).

Blanket Policy Disclaimer

For any policy omission or clarification, the individual manufacturer policy will apply without exception. As policies are multi-faceted and constantly evolve, customer (you) and retailer (us) agree to defer to the manufacturer's shipping & returns policy in these instances. Custom-built orders are non-returnable/refundable without exception.

Please email us at for more information or any questions you might have. guarantees the lowest price for an entire 6 months after purchase on all items--but first--how do you protect yourself as a consumer and why should you go with us?

One of the most important aspects of protecting yourself, regardless of price, is knowing WHEN the retailer you are thinking of buying from was established. This can be done with a simple ICANN search by typing in the domain of the store you wish to buy from here:

Icann WHOIS Registrations

Look at the "Important Dates" section. Would you entrust your hard-earned money with an online store that was created just yesterday or a few months ago? We wouldn't and we certainly think you wouldn't too. Feel free to search us, you'll see we've been around for years and will always be here to help you, and we have the experience to prove it!

Onto the GOOD part, your Best Price Guarantee with a seasoned retailer.

We guarantee the lowest price for an entire 6 months after purchase on all items!

  1. If you see the item on our website, order it today and we will guarantee it is the best price anywhere online for an entire six months after purchase. If not, we'll refund you the difference!
  2. If you can't find the item you are looking for, or you want options or other custom additions not listed, call or email us at and we will put together the lowest price quote you will find anywhere online, guaranteed.

Just email us at with your Order Confirmation Number after you purchase. 

Our 100% Price Guarantees terms and conditions:

    • The price guarantee is valid for up to an entire 6 months after purchase!
    • **Please provide proof of lower price (ie website link)**
    • Special Promos such as buy one get one free aren't eligible.
    • All Osaki, Titan, and Inada electric massage chairs are NOT eligible for any price match guarantee. These are price-protected brands. 
    • The item must be in stock on the competitor's website.
    • The competitor must be an online-only store  (ie. Costco, manufacturer direct is not eligible.)  
    • Liquidator sites or auction sites such as Overstock or eBay are not eligible.
    • The competitor must be an authorized retailer and follow standard MAP Policies.
    • The guarantee includes the total of price, tax, and shipping charges. 
    • Promotional coupons cannot be coupled with a Price Match at any time.
    • QuadPay or TimePayment transactions are not eligible

    Feel comfortable knowing that you are paying the best price for all purchases on  - Buy a massage table today and leave the rest to us!

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