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New Earthlite Ergo-Desk Stand Up Desk

Just added is the new electric lift stand up desk made by Earthlite.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Earthlite facilities and seeing the new stand up desks being used by all of the staff at Earthlite.  You can check it out here:     I love that Earthlite has gotten into the stand up desk market as it is a vital part of a healthy workplace.  I personally try to use stand up desks whenever possible and know the benefits of taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes.     Here are the details: The Earthlite...

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Earthlite Luna Table

earthlite luna earthlite luna massage table earthlite luna table portable massage table

The lightest weight portable massage table is the Earthlite Luna.  People love it because it's strong, has a working weight of 750lbs yet is lighter than any other portable massage table on the market.   If you're looking to do deep tissue the Earthlite Spirit exclusively may be a better bet for you but for most therapists that only do deep tissue once in a while, the Luna is more than study enough to handle the weight.   While the spirit used to be Earthlite's best seller, in recent years the Luna has taken over as the go to table...

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The Earthlite Spirit Table

earthlite spirit earthlite spirit table portable massage table

My first table out of school was an Earthlite Spirit.  We had used the Earthlite Harmony in class and it was perfect.  But I figured, if I was going to invest in my self, my career and my future, I might as well spend a little bit more money and buy the top of the line Spirit instead.   The other reason I went for the Spirit is because I trusted Earthlite.  I could tell the tables were great quality, well made and would last a lifetime.  Till this day, I still believe the Spirit is the best wooden portable...

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Want to Attract More Clients? Check out Massage Promotions 1 Year of Marketing Kit!

One big problem that Massage Therapists have are always having is how to get more clients.  The great thing about Massage Promotions is that they have a kit which supplies an entire year's worth of marketing!   Instead of spending tons of time figuring out how to get new clients, keep in touch with existing clients or even putting off making a facebook page all together, use Massage Promotions kit to have it done for you!       So what exactly is in this kit?  Well, for example, the month of January includes:   ​2 FACEBOOK COVER PHOTOS 1...

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Portable Massage Chair - What is the best Massage Chair for Corporate Gigs?

Portable Massage Chair  What is the best Massage Chair for Corporate Gigs?   The best massage chairs are the ones that are strong, usually strong enough to support a 300lb man is a good one to get.  If you get one that only supports 200lbs, you know it's going to break on you sooner than later. It is very important to buy a high quality massage chair.  For those who take their portable massage chairs to corporate events and gigs, you want one that is study enough to handle a large crowd yet light enough to travel around with.  The...

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