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Earthlite Luna Table

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The lightest weight portable massage table is the Earthlite Luna.  People love it because it's strong, has a working weight of 750lbs yet is lighter than any other portable massage table on the market.   If you're looking to do deep tissue the Earthlite Spirit exclusively may be a better bet for you but for most therapists that only do deep tissue once in a while, the Luna is more than study enough to handle the weight.


While the spirit used to be Earthlite's best seller, in recent years the Luna has taken over as the go to table for massage therapists who want to lightest possible table while still being strong.  


The Earthlite Luna Massage Table


The aluminum legs are designed to be super strong, while being super light weight.  If you carry your table up and down stairs or to your car often, it's a must have table.  A lot of therapists have both an Earthlite Spirit that they keep set up permanently at their home or business and have the Luna be the portable table they take to fairs and outcalls.


Either way, Earthlite makes the world's best massage tables so if you're looking for something that is reliable, strong and professional, this is the perfect table for you.

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