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New Earthlite Ergo-Desk Stand Up Desk

Just added is the new electric lift stand up desk made by Earthlite.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Earthlite facilities and seeing the new stand up desks being used by all of the staff at Earthlite.  You can check it out here:



I love that Earthlite has gotten into the stand up desk market as it is a vital part of a healthy workplace.  I personally try to use stand up desks whenever possible and know the benefits of taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes.  


Here are the details:

The Earthlite Ergo-Desk is an incredible stand up desk made by Earthlite in California.  It offers super-smooth height adjustments for a fluid transition from a seated to a standing position allowing for both convenience and improved user wellness. This phenomenal desk comes standard with your choice of laminate finish and a variety of design options including roomy cabinetry for storage and a designer Avonite Return surfaces.  

Note from our Staff:

I fell in love with the Ergo-Desk the first time I saw them personally being used by all the staff at the Earthlite offices in Southern California.  They had been using them in house for months before releasing them to the public to make sure they were everything you dreamed of in an electric powered stand up desk.  This could very well be the best stand up desk in the world, made by one of the best companies in the world.



  • Allows fluid transition from seated to standing workstation
  • Super-smooth electric lift actuator with a 300-lb lift capacity
  • Rounded corner tops of style and improved ergonomics
  • Designed for in-home or in-office spaces


  • Your choice of high-pressure, laminate finish
  • Flat top, added cabinetry, or added cabinetry and Avonite return
  • Variety of available Avonite options 


  • Height Range: 23” – 49”
  • Top Measurements: 31” x 75” 
  • Lift Capacity: 300 lbs

Buy today and leave the rest to us!



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