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Portable Massage Chair - What is the best Massage Chair for Corporate Gigs?

Portable Massage Chair 

What is the best Massage Chair for Corporate Gigs?


The best massage chairs are the ones that are strong, usually strong enough to support a 300lb man is a good one to get.  If you get one that only supports 200lbs, you know it's going to break on you sooner than later.

It is very important to buy a high quality massage chair.  For those who take their portable massage chairs to corporate events and gigs, you want one that is study enough to handle a large crowd yet light enough to travel around with.  The durability and longevity of the massage chair is also very important as you will be unfolding it and setting it up hundreds of times throughout your career.  You want one what is well built, good quality and will last.  


Some people ask what is the best massage chair to buy as a student or as a beginner, and I always recommend buying a good quality brand that you trust.  It costs you less money to buy a good massage chair once than it does to buy multiple cheap ones.  



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