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The Earthlite Spirit Table

earthlite spirit earthlite spirit table portable massage table

My first table out of school was an Earthlite Spirit.  We had used the Earthlite Harmony in class and it was perfect.  But I figured, if I was going to invest in my self, my career and my future, I might as well spend a little bit more money and buy the top of the line Spirit instead.


The other reason I went for the Spirit is because I trusted Earthlite.  I could tell the tables were great quality, well made and would last a lifetime.  Till this day, I still believe the Spirit is the best wooden portable massage table on the market and is worth every penny.  


Check out the: Earthlite Spirit Portable Massage Table Package


Value Package vs. Table Only Options?

It's a bit confusing but also a no-brainer.  As a new student, I got the package.  It came with everything I needed including the face rest, cradle and the carrying case.  The face rest goes hand in hand with the cushion and is usually thought to be one piece, but in reality, it is a cushion and an adjustable cradle.


The carrying case is also a no-brainer as you need it to protect your table if you are ever going to carry it outside of your house.  I can't even imagine lugging my table to my car and putting it in the trunk without a case to protect it.  Things that don't come with the table are bolsters and lotions.  They may seem like a must have, but I personally use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for my massages and it works perfectly.  Sheets can also be optional as you can use any fitted twin sheet set, which works fine.


I hope you enjoy your Earthlite Spirit, it continues to be a best seller and is still one of my favorite tables.




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