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Custom Craftworks Massage Tables - Are they the best Massage Tables for the Money?

Custom Craftworks Massage Tables


What I really like about Custom Craftworks Massage Tables is that they are a brand that was founded on quality for a great price.  My first massage table I owned as a student was an EarthLite Spirit and have always loved their tables.  But as a student I'm not sure if spending $500 on a Massage table before I had any income or clients was the best move.  



The Custom Craftworks Massage Table Athena is $499 and is a amazing and is perfect for a professional.  


For students on a budget I really like the $299 Custom Craftworks Heritage Massage Table or for a good blend of professional quality and a low price is the Custom Craftworks Luxor Massage Table which is on sale for $365.


Either way, Custom Craft works makes excellent massage tables, professional quality and for a really great price.  I really like the Massage Tables that Custom Craftworks makes. 


 Here's a link to all Custom Craftworks Massage Tables:




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